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Yeah, those emus test you with the beak before they kick you to death, Hazel. LOL. I wasn't going to get up close and personal with the roos either, some were taller than me and they can rip you up well and truly if they get stroppy.
First photo, just some Australiana.
On my way home I visited an alpaca farm just on a whim, I know better than to approach our friend Rowan with my questions as he always has baby alpacas and would talk me into one. This guy leases/rents out herd guards though and is not selling anything, he wants to build up his numbers. I included the photo of the black blob because anyone with a black dog will understand how hard it is to get a decent photo of anything black.

I'll go back down there soon with my friend and do some bird watching. Unfortunately 80% of the park remains closed after the devastating floods back in January, there was a lot of damage including a 3klm landslip at Mt Abrupt, which I'm told might be a world record for a slip.
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