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Beautiful day for a peaceful bushwalk.

I decided to pop down to the Grampians National Park today just for a short bushwalk. Of course the minute I started taking photo's of the kangaroos I got the Change the batteries message , and no charged batteries with me, but I managed to squeeze a little bit more life out of the oldies. There was quite a good number of emus but I'd have to have gone accross a wide open part to get close enough to take shots of them, and that would either have spooked them, or if they'd tamed down because of tourists they may have decided to investigate me. Don't mind admitting I'm wary of a beak that size.

A girlfriend up the road will go with me next time I think, she had to take her GSD puppy to obedience today though. I'll charge the batteries and hope for some koala photo's too.
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