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What is the weather like where you are, and at what temperature is the cage at? What heat sources do you have?

Once a week is a bit much for a kingsnake for being fed... what size mice do they use? Just regular mice? Or fuzzies/hoppers?

Snakes can go MONTHS without eating. I don't feed my snakes from late November until late February/early March. Same with most of my other lizards, I just feed them small amounts here and there every so often...

I have a European Horn Nosed Viper, an Albino Cornsnake, 2 bearded dragons, a veiled chameleon, red bellied toads, a crested gecko, a leopard gecko and a turtle and they are all the same way with going extended period without eating especially during the colder months.. but now that it is spring most snakes should be eating in the Northern Hemisphere.
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