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I really do not know alot about snakes but one important thing that I recenly learned is that you do not feed your snake in his cage, he should have a separate crate to eat in. The reason for this is the snake thinks that every time you put your hand in the cage you are feeding him and not just being sociable.

That said....she can do Tellington TTouch on the snake. Using different "tools" small artist paint brushes, soft cloths, sheep skin (the furry side), and her fingertips. With the paintbrush she can use either end, with the brush end slowly doing small circles all over the body, with the other end roll it over and under the body of the snake, very gently. Let me know if she tries any of this and how it goes.

I am volunteering at the Humane Society and I have been doing TTouch on a Boa they have there trying to get him to is so encouraging I got a long exhalation from him on Thursday what a thrill knowing that I may be helping him. patti
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