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Don't like delivery!!!

I tried the Facon Fidel and also another guy who has big bricks (Charles maybe?) but my problem is this:
1) I can't see how good the meat is gonna be when it's that cheap. Taking operating costs and everything else into account, it can't be of any decent quality at that price, it's not possible.
2) The last time I gave my dogs these bricks of meat, one of them wouldn't eat it and then the one who did THREW UP after eating. Not a good sign

I heard about this Raw Paw girl from a friend, but I'm really turned off by the idea of meat for delivery. There's no way to know where it's coming from, the quality, how it's stored. And I don't like these generic brick formats, it's really hard to portion and I just imagine these huge slabs of cheap meat being cut into blocks.

I found a store in NDG called Bailey Blu that has all sorts of meat, and GREEN TRIPE, which is like gold dust and IMPOSSIBLE to find! They do it all themselves, which I like cause they told me exactly where it all comes from. It comes in different size containers too so it's easy to store, thaw and serve. And compared to all the other raw foods in pet stores, it's soooooo much cheaper.

So far, it's the best one I've found. Between what I prepare and the food from NDG, I definitely I feel better about the quality.

Hope that helps!
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