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Cocker spaniel 8 weeks weeping eyes

I can't take her to the vet until Monday. It's not an emergency, she's by far acting like a typical puppy! We just picked her up yesterday and she had it. The breeder had a wonderful set up for the puppies, we met mom and dad but this puppy was the only one to have weeping eyes. I'm aware of the eye problems in cockers so I'm hoping it's just allergies or teething. The breeders said the parents had all the typical cocker testing but produced no paper proof of it so now it has me a tad worried that it might be something badly genetic. Would it show up this early? She already was sold but the owner backed out which supports my fear (only for her health, not that I'm afraid of having a special needs dog) so I'm wondering if anyone else has ever had a cocker puppy with weeping eyes this early and what it turned out to be. I know my pup may be different but I'd like to know others experience.

I saw her and just knew that she'd would be with us. Problems or not.
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