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Of all the Dogs that have lived with us Kr...Jack has been the only one that had issues with both dogs and cats....

IMO I think keeping Venus in the crate when the cats are around causes her to show signs of being more agressive towards them than what she may turn out to be.

Venus has had a fair amount of training, I don't know what kind.....Jack prior to falling upon us had been trained by whoever had him before us and has a pretty good recall......Whenever he went for the cats we would call his name sharply to break his concentration and tell him nohe would listen...we kept an astute eye on him at all times. In the beginning the cats for the most part were anywhere that he was not, gradually they introduced themselves.

When you visited last year it was just after Jack had come to live with us, you saw the way he was, I think he was pretty good considering the amount of time he had lived with us.

The being scared of noises, maybe is something she will never overcome, hopefully she does. It's still early days yet Kr...give her time to feel secure.

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