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Wow Priscilla sounds Perfact. Thank you for sharing that w/me. She just sounds amazing. She sounds more human that dog. I can see why she is the love of your life. I truely believe that babies like her and bug are rare. I havent found another one who could come close to holding a candle to Matsi.
Matsi has been my Angel , I have a problem of falling alot, this all started back in 07, never failed I was always finding myself on the ground and Matsi was always beside me. Once I hit the ground she would look me over and kiss me ,then go potty and come back to help me get up.Then when I had my first 2 operations on my knee's she was just so great w/the walking equipment I had to use. Then when I had my back operated on last spring she was so good about staying beside me babying me , my back has gotten worse but she works w/it. She is so good about the walks,I can only make it about a half block then on the way back it really hurts me to walk but she is so great about going slow for me, or we can take the leash off and she will still stay beside me. Matsi is just so Perfact in my eyes. Matsi and I used to live out in the country and we had few animal friends for her, one day the rooster got out so took out after him and Matsi got in on the adventure so she ended up treeing the bird but in the process she got ahold of his tail feathers,so I finally caught up w/her and she turns and looks at me w/a mouth full of feathers ,she looked at me as if she was saying (Chicken what chicken0 I just busted out laughing. Matsi is really good about that 6 sence espically w/people, I took her to Pow Wow , alot of the people I knew would come and meet bug , but this one guy I knew ( he was Omaha Indian) he walked up and Matsi just kept staring at me, then the nexted thing I know she threw up on his feet. I was imbarrased at first but after I thought about it she was right. She was always looking out for me like that. Then when I hit a deer she was in the car w/me, she and I ducked at the same time. She will not ride in the frount seat no more unless she has to. A couple yrs ago when I was moving to where I am now. I had moved in w/a friend for a short time so I could get back on my feet, anyway I was moving stuff out and I always packed the car so full I couldnt get her in , so this one day she came out and jumped in the frount seat and wouldnt move for nothing, I just laughed and she stayed where she was and come on w/me to do the last load. Chris went over to Matsi and tried to move her, she just stiffened up her body and refused to move. I just loved it, I took it as if she was saying I want to go w/mom and you cannot stop me.
She is such a mommies baby , Chris has been telling me he cannot get bug to outside when I am sleeping and that she will go away real fast if he tries to make her. Last week I got up and sneaked down the hall while he was trying to get her to go out side, as he reached for her she threwherself on the floor like a kid having a tantrum, I just laughed at her, I didnt believe she would do that. But she sure does, he has given up trying to do that anymore. His Lab will not get up either , the 2 big girls wait for me and you cannot make them at all.
And yes I am not going to hurt myself while taking care of her. But I have this thing about going to the hosiptal anyway, I always try to get out patient cause I get more rest at home than in the hosiptal anyway. So far we are doing test.
I have to get her out side.
I want to say again
Thank you for sharing Priscilla's story w/me. She is a love baby.
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