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Chico, I think splitting and sharing is the way to go. Do you have gardening co-op or something of the like in your area that you can give your extras to? At our old house, I used to leave extra veggie plants I didn't have room for in by the end of the driveway with a little sign saying what they were and to please take them. No one ever did . Our new town has a day every spring where they give away baby trees....I think I'm going to bring any extras I have with me in case anyone would want them there.

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Well we have a greenhouse in the backyard, so we're sort of different than most. Hubby started his tomatoes about a month ago (all 500 of them) and they're about 2-3 inches up now.

Pictures please .

I finally got my tomato and pepper seeds planted...6 different kinds of tomatoes, some supposedly rare and endangered so it'll be interesting to see how they turn out. Today, I'll try to get some of the flower seeds planted. I have several varieties that need to be refrigerated after planting for a few weeks before putting under light. Once that's done, I'll just have to find the oomph to start digging a garden .
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