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Thanks for the tips everyone...

We have tried treat balls/kongs before and it only kept his attention for a little bit (he must had ADD haha). He was only interested in the treat ball if it had TREATS in it - he noticed when I put his food in there instead and refused to play with it. I just started buying the sample packs of the other flavours of his dog food (by Acana) and used that... even still he's not really crazy over it. I'll have to give freezing stuff into his kong a try - haven't done that yet =) He sure did like peanut butter in the kong. I would fill it and then hide the kong somewhere in the house and play "find it".

As for the walks, I think I've come to that realization that 2 1hr walks just isn't enough for him. Oh well, at least it gets me in shape too! haha When we do go, it's not on-leash-around-the-block walks. It's either to the local hiking trails/to the lakefront by our house/to the dog park etc. I know what you mean hedgiemama about them tiring out the other dogs before you even see them pant haha Loki has yet to find a dog to keep up with him/tire him out. We're still lookin' though! =)
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