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Thank you everone,like 14+ says,I think my plants are quiet hardy and most of them are years old.
The soil we get is usually very good,no junk in it just black soil.
I don't think I have any tubers.
I usually mix the soil with peatmoss in my planters,not to have it get too heavy,I'll get some.
We also bought a huge bag of natural mulch,to try to keep the weeds back,we'll see.
First I have to pull the weeds that are there now,if my back allows it
Lots of work,but I cannot wait to get out there,luckily hubs loves it too.
I have 2 Peones,who have been here since we bought the house,which is at least 34 yrs ago,they just keep coming back..probably will survive a couple of inches of soil and mulch.
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