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I saw the pictures. Matsi is such a beauty!!!! And she couldn't have a better Mom! She wouldn't want you to jeopardize your own health for hers, so make sure you take good care of yourself, k?

Originally Posted by groundwire View Post
another thing she is doing now is like a cough but she isnt getting any air, she is gasping for air. Every time she does this I am just right there but also when I am getting ready to give her mouth to mouth she starts breathing again. I hate to ask this but did your baby do this?
I don't recall Priscilla doing that -- I'm not sure what's going on. It could be that Matsi's got enough discharge going down her throat to make it difficult to get air into her lungs. I'm glad it seems to help to get her up on her feet. Poor girl! And I know how difficult it is for you!

As for Priscilla--she was a big bold spring spaniel--smart as a whip, that one--understood more words than I'm sure we knew (we had to spell things, too, and even that she eventually figured out ) She was so people oriented and looked out for us in different ways--so sweet with us but a real straw dog when it came to other canines. She disciplined with a firm but fair paw, and made sure that everyone behaved around her humans.

She was always our guardian angel!

We had another dog at the time, Gauge....he was wired 'wrong' in the head--a genetic thing--and prone to unpredictable (to us) fits of aggression. We thought we were going to lose the battle with him and have to put him down, but then Priscilla came to us when she was 5--and being a dog, she could read him so much better than us mere humans could. She knew when he was going to have an episode long before we saw it--and she took steps immediately. She'd let him know that she was watching him. After we got Priscilla, Gauge never again got the point where the aggression had control of him--he was still wired 'wrong' and we had to be aware, but Priscilla always helped him stay sane when he needed the reminder. He lived till 10 and a half and died of natural causes.

Priscilla always protected us. One day, she and I were on a walk and walking past Jake's house. His owners had rescued Jake as a special needs dog and had been working hard on his aggression problem, with limited success at that time. Jake was out on his cable while his Dad was mowing the lawn. Just as we walked by, the cable broke and Jake charged: teeth bared, hackles up, head down! Priscilla took action. I still have no idea what she did, but a second and a half later, after some noise and an intense exchange of some sort of signal, Jake was literally sitting on his haunches, just out of her leash range, with a "What the heck just happened?!?" look on his face and Priscilla was sitting calmly at my side waiting to resume her walk. Jake's owner came up soon afterward and couldn't believe it, either. (He was also very apologetic, and very scared for Jake, bless his heart, so I wasn't too hard on him...and as far as I know, Jake's cable never failed him again.) At the time, Jake was 2, Priscilla was 10.

I have a picture of her at age 11 chasing 11-wk-old Evan around the yard the next week. Evan was a rambunctious boy that brought out Priscilla's inner puppy in a big way! She'd even play tug-of-war with him! They had so much fun together.

But her favorite thing was taking naps with her humans! She'd be snuggled close with her head on our belly or in the crook of an arm and just snooooorrrrreeee

She was also the most macho dog we've ever had, male or female. This girl would lift her leg to pee! But just the sweetest lovie around Man, we still miss that girl to this day!

I hope Bug is feeling better soon And you, too, Sandy!!!
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