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Thank you
But I am really worried with what is going on, she has been throwing up latley, it seems to be about 1 time a day but I am so beside myself with it. Then every morning her feet are full with snot that is more blood than snot. I wash her feet and face a couple times a day now, and her bed clothes gets changed everyday, I have a pile of stuff close to her bed so it is easy to change. I cannot let my love lay in that stuff day after day. All Matsi has to do anymore is just give a look and she has all my attention all day and night. Matsi has been mad at me though, I have been having to go get test done, my feet knee's and lumbar are all swelled on one side of my body. I am trying to stay out of the hosiptal so I can be with her. So far I can do everything on a out patient . I cannot leave her side at this time, she needs me. My baby loves Chris but she has been w/me sence she was 8 wks old, and she looks to me to help her. I wouldnt have it any other way. I know she isnt ready to leave me yet , she really comes alive in the afternoon when Chris gets home. While it is me and her she wants all my attention, so the other 2 dogs of his cannot get any from me. If Chris is home all day she will give him all kinds of trouble. They like to pick on one another.
You said that your Priscilla and Mati sound alot alike, well all I could say about that is Priscilla was a ANGEL from god, that is the way I feel about bug ( Matsi's nick name)
I am still blown away w/howmuch love a dog gives a person. I could never replace my Bug , she is so differant than the other dogs here, Matsi is so human, We even have to spell some words and also change our discription of certain things , she has even caught on to the spelling of some words also. Yesterday after she got sick Matsi stuck w/me so very close, I took my stool to the garden to pull weeds and lay mulch , she was right beside me. Matsi is such a love. She does like to be w/me when I am taking Pictures of flowers, she like to stop and smell the flower's. That is so sweet.
I am putting a new picture of me and Matsi that was taken yesterday she I was doing my garden stuff. I just hope her getting sick ends soon, she sure doesnt diserve it.
Could you tell me more about Priscilla, The things she did that were speical, just want to know more about a baby love who meant so much to someone who is a speical person to me. I guess I just want to know more about who she was and hear sweet stuff about her. Not the Cancer. I hope I am not going to ofend you, I dont want to do that.
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