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Originally Posted by boobear1030 View Post
So I Have A 2 1/2 Yr Old Border Collie/Blue Heeler.. She Has Just Started Releving Herself In The House At Night.. She Was Fine Till She Had Her Puppys In Jaunary.. She Is Outside Most Of The Day So She Has Lots Of Time To Relive Herself and I Also Let Her Out Before I Go To Bed.. Its Not That She Goes In The House but More She Goes On Stuff Like The Livingroom Car And Couch and On Bowes Or Clothes On The Floor What Can You Suggest.. My Hubby Wants To Get Rid Of Her But They Is No Way That Is Happening I Am Thinking Of Getting Her Spade To See If That Will Help!! And She Was Just At The Vet And He Said She Was healthy!! Please help!!
You've been given some very good advice on seeing a Vet and the importance of spaying your dog for health reasons and to control the over-population of dogs.

But, as others may seek out this thread in the future I would like to add the importance of timely intervention. Whenever an animal acts out of character, such as repeated incontinence in this instance, it is critical to the health and sometimes life, of our animals to act quickly, not weeks and certainly not months after the fact.

We know our animals best, but we do not usually have the medical backgrounds to know what is wrong with them so providing our Vets with all the information we have is critical for our Vets to do their job. Incontinence, as has been noted can be a symptom of life-threatening condition and should be something we tell our Vets at the earliest opportunity so that they can use the tools (urinalysis and bloodwork) they have, which we do not, in making a diagnoses. In addition, ensuring proper Veterinary care to new mothers and new puppies within the first week(s) after birthing is an absolute must.

I might also note that it would be difficult for anyone to monitor the health and welfare of new mothers and puppies if they are kept outside all day.

And on a personal note, spaying is an excellent answer. Thank you for being a responsible pet guardian.
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