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Border collies are definitely very active dogs!

As the others have mentioned a Kong wobbler is a great device to stimulate them, my border collie loves his! Also a regular kong frozen with different things in it can stimulate him, you can google good recipes for these. Lots of short training sessions will engage his mind around the house. Since you say the border collie is prevalent in your pup, you should look in to doing herding classes when he is around a year old. I am putting my pup in herding training over the summer, from other BC owners they say there is nothing better than doing their natural job to tire them out!

Lots and lots of exercise will also be necessary for your pup. He may need 3, 1 hour walks each day, i know that seems like a lot but when you are dealing with such a high energy breed it is necessary. Lots of off leash play with other dogs is another great way to drain energy. Enzo will tire out 3 or 4 other dogs before you see him actually start to get tired. They honestly do calm down as they get older and more mature
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