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Help With My Dogs Number 1 & 2 In The House!

So I Have A 2 1/2 Yr Old Border Collie/Blue Heeler.. She Has Just Started Releving Herself In The House At Night.. She Was Fine Till She Had Her Puppys In Jaunary.. She Is Outside Most Of The Day So She Has Lots Of Time To Relive Herself and I Also Let Her Out Before I Go To Bed.. Its Not That She Goes In The House but More She Goes On Stuff Like The Livingroom Car And Couch and On Bowes Or Clothes On The Floor What Can You Suggest.. My Hubby Wants To Get Rid Of Her But They Is No Way That Is Happening I Am Thinking Of Getting Her Spade To See If That Will Help!! And She Was Just At The Vet And He Said She Was healthy!! Please help!!
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