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Hazel, I`m starting them in tray`s.

TQ, I have quite the variety of flowers ...Lady`s Smock, Buterfly weed, Gayfeather, Wild Bergamot, Alpine Lady`s Mantle, Ruby Port Columbine, Echinacea, Yellow Calendula, Feverfew, Pheasant`s Eye, Jacob`s Ladder, and Lavender.

MMM, I`ve managed to grow Lavender a few years ago but, yes, it was difficult to get started. And my plants never did quite well, they were always bent over and droopy . I`d like to try planting sweet potatoes but the ground here is all clay and slate. Do you just cut a potato in half and plant it .

Chico, started plants, whether flowers or veggies, here are way too expensive. Just a baby Hosta with 3-4 leaves at the gardening center is over 10$ . I love watching seeds sprout and grow .
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