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Winnie and her enzyme number...any suggestions

I think the problem with having older the same time...they all get old!!!!!UGH.
Having lost, Nickie, Crunchie and Bailey all in one year, I am now faced with losing Winnie.
I realise I don't talk about Winnie very much, but Winnie is my Golden Lab who just turned 13 in December. Like every year we go for our check up and every year she seems to be ok for an old "dog".

A bit of history:
Winnie has been on Glucosamine/chondroitin for about 6 years (I anticipated arthritis).
In the last few years she has been on and off Deramaxx. She just started some this week again, but since her enzymes are so high I will take her off.
She is also on Propalin for incontenancy..I think that's a word. She pees in her sleep...

This year we did notice a weight loss. Now keep in mind She is a Lab and has been on a pretty good diet, but unfortunately she was always over her ideal weight. So here is my problem....
1- Winnie has lost 16 lbs since last year...which I thought "finally"...however I was concerned so we did some blood tests...
the results suck big time!!!!!!

Her enzyme level indicate that she may or may not have a tumor, a growth, a something going are the numbers and if any of you have some ideas..I am all ears!!!

GGT -20

With number like that I don't want her on Deramaxx and may try accupunture for pain management...or is that a bad idea???

At 13 I don't want to make her more uncomfortable even if it is a tumor or growth in her liver....she is 13 and I want her to enjoy the last spring/summer...
I guess what I want to know ther pain medication that is safe for a dog?
Can the number above indicate something else?
Has any one on this board ever had those kinds of numbers?
Any suggestions will be grateful...thankyou

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