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Need Advice - Our dog's ashes have been lost

I need some advice.

Between our vet and the cremation place our dog has gone missing.

We received an urn, the paw-print impression that we asked for but the urn was delivered to us empty.

We called the vet and the vet explained that it was an error in the information provided and yada yada... The details don't really matter to me.

We paid for a private cremation and paid for the ashes to be returned.

The cremation place says they were buried with other ashes from other dogs and cats because they did not have the correct information.

Has anyone experienced this?
What would you do?
We were having a hard time getting over the death of our dog but this adds a whole new dimension of feelings - hurt, anger, etc.

Had I known this was to be the result I would have buried her myself in our backyard or near the lake where she loved to swim. Not lost in a pile of other animals remains.

I'm devastated by this.
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