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Hello and welcome

What Love4himies said is very true I had the same doubt about Mulder (my baby bonkers or "loco") Because she just was so bad at jumping, even up to date although now she's way better than before she can't jump as high as her sister Scully. Once she climbed up a chair and went to the window when she was a kitten and before I could run to catch her she fell on her leg, she was limping I took her in my arms she lied down and we all stayed with her while she had a nap when she woke up she was walking normal I used to think maybe that caused her not to be a good jumper but that wasn't the case, she had no damage it's just jumping is not her forte.
Although checking it's always good and it doesn't hurt to make sure, she might just not be a good jumper.

BTW you're kitties are so CUTE!!!
" How we behave toward cats here below determines our status in heaven."
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