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Doggie School Update

It has been 4 classes now at doggie school for Chloe. Off to a rocky start and I spent twice as much money fixing my shoulder as obedience class cost so my sister took her the 2nd week. She came away feeling quite dejected and clueless about doggie training. Chloe still lunged at the other dogs, ripped and yanked at the leash and was a general pain in the butt (arm actually) however at the 3rd class we saw improvement. We both worked with her as if I'm farther then 5' feet away she whines and yips very loudly so trainer wanted me to stay right beside my dog so everyone could hear what he was saying. Walking on the leash is improving, yay! I need to develop my timing and technique and that just takes practice. Yesterday there were only 2 dogs in the class (her arch enemy Frank the gsd) and so we got more specialized help with teaching those 2 dogs to ignore each other and pay attention to the handler. I guess the biggest thing I've been helped with is to have a plan for what to do with whatever pariticular behaviour problem you are having and practice your technique and timing so that you communicate in a way your dog understands....and to be consistant with what you do. The neighbours probably think I'm nuts as I zig, zag my way down the road walking in circles, figure eights and serpentines with my dog in tow...ha, ha.
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