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Lefty was a character, he was my childhood friend....his 10 offspring in 1 litter still didn't cause her to kill my dad Lefty and Spice were bred once after being titled etc. Mom didn't know dad was planning on breeding...until after the deed was done. Dad does all the vet trips, has Spice x-rayed, vet estimates 4 puppies and gives a possible date. Now being 20 years ago....machines weren't the greatest. Dad plans a hunting trip for weekend before. Spice goes into to labor about 1 am. Puppy number 4 comes and mom thinks we are done. Number 5...6...7...8...9...10 Dad comes back and it was probably a good thing he had his shot gun with him

My niece stopped bugging for a pointer puppy about a month after. Of course, I started the paper work to adopt Casey so that distracted her lol.
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