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thanx for the link, amaruq!
.... $18 US for shipping ALONE!!!

the Gentle Leader is like a mouth harness.

instead of having control of the dog's neck, we lead the dog with it's mouth... my dogs are pointers... scent dogs, so naturally they are guided by the smells of other things.

what better way to walk a dog than to have the most control surrounding his head... rather than neck or body (Chocolate's tried body harnesses & failed miserably... he tried pulling away from me by standing on his back legs as horses when they jerk back, lol)

anyways, here's a link, it's a WONDERFUL tool to use...

I've even tried the prong collar but after... 6 months? I lost control & Chocolate stopped acknowledging & would let the collar rub against his skin so hard it started to bleed!!!

the choke chair could never work bc the pointers have loose skin around their neck thanx to their bloodhound relatives

all in all, those types of collars depend on the shape of the dog's skull & neck... or body as the other harnesses work,

Carina, I just spotted the link, thanx!! I was going to try & find it after my ramble
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