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Tahnks Emilie, I will have to look into that. I haven't tried digital scrapbooking yet.

Hazel, I have another story for you lol. And by the way, I love your pack! Your dogs are beautiful

I took my 6 year old niece to one of her friends birthday party last fall. Now, my nieceis dog obsessed..always has been..always will be. The neighborhood dogs will not pass by my house if she is outside, they HAVE to stop and see her a get a treat.

Anyways, this friend's b-day party was beingheld at her grandparent's farm. There was puppies involved. I get there to drop her off and out comes daddy german shorthair pointer followed by 6 not so little GSP babies. Momma GSP was being field trialed that morning but would be back soon. My niece is just gushing from the back seat as she realizes these are what grandpa used to have and what AUntie B grew up with. I drop her off, go home and tell my dad...who just has to come with me when I go pack to pick up my niece. Now we are in trouble because one just happened to be pure liver (like lefty) and these pups come from very well-bred, german lines (like Lefty ). Of course my mom does not know at the time that my dad came with me.

So we get there, dad wanders off with Grandpa to discuss the lines, the field trials, the hunting niece is still surrounded by these puppies (which are almost 10 weeks and would be ready to go soon). My neice will NOT leave. She informs me, she is NOT, NOT leaving without a puppy!!! You can see the wheels turning in my dad's head (even though he will be the first to admit at his age, he can not handle a shorthair), but the heartstrings are going, grand daughter is sucking up to grandfather. I, while in love with these little guys, inform my dad if he even THINKS about it further, better get a divorce lawyer because "if you come home with another WILL divorce you!!!!!!!"

Dad starts laughing but I manage to get the 2 of them in my car. My niece is devestated that her loot bag did not contain a puppy I am trying to explain to her 1. this breed is very high maintenance 2. those puppies cost a LOT of money ("I have money in my piggy bank") 3. Grandma will kill grandpa if he ever thinks of getting another shorthair.

So long story short, I let my sister know on the way home what has transpired, she is killing herself laughing on the phone. And calls my mom to give her the heads up of where dad has been. Drop my niece off and take my dad home. Walk in to my mom literally twitching. While she finds my dad's adventure amusing, the thought of ever having another shorthair leaves her traumatized lol. Her eye starts twitching, she starts scratching and her nerves are shot

I think secretly she did love Lefty but if it is possible to have PTSD from a dog....Lefty gave it to my mom.

There is 17 years of antics my dad got into with that dog. I have an arsenal. Including the fact that when my dad went to look way back when "he was just going to look." He actually didn't bring Lefty home for 7 months because 1, the breeder didn't know yet if she was parting with him (his father was top short hair in the 80's) and 2. they weren't sure if my dad could handle him lol. So my dad spent weekends working with Lefty out at the kennel. And a few months later "surprise honey!"

Then came the birds for field trials because buying them became expensive so he decided to raise some himself (well him and his buddies), the trailer for the dog shows because my mom got to the point that she refused to sleep in a trailer. We also had wild turkeys....that was dad's LAST bird auction he was ever permitted to attend. Spice came along later...

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