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Question Ha! First post for me in this section!

Ok, so you all know I am new to dogs....I have a couple of behaviour questions. We knew Venus had issues when we got her... fear/aggression towards people and other dogs. I have started crating her in the living room so she can meet the cats and we are taking everything very slowly, especially meeting new people. Now when she's in the crate and she sees one of the cats coming down the hall, she stands up, barks, whines and the fur on her back stands up like a cats when it's threatened, and she pounds her front paws on the crate bottom, is that aggression or fear?? And just over the last few days there have been motorcycles everywhere and we've been out and about. We drove by one going the opposite direction yesturday and she barked at it (weird because she is normally quiet as can be in the car). Then today while we were taking a walk around the neighbourhood a harley drove past us and she put her ears back and her tail between her legs and just about ran me all the way back to the house then couldn't get in and to her room fast enough! Is this fear?? We saw other bikes (sport style) and she was fine, but both instances where she's reacted has been harleys?
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