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Originally Posted by Dracen View Post

I thought up a few more questions. The ferret food I have has added protein, and is made with chicken and egg - would this be good to supplement a rat's diet with? How would rats feel about being carried around in a pocket? When my ferret Draco was smaller I put him in my pockets, and he bit at first while I was putting him in because he was nervous.

On a side note, I went to the pet store today to look at leashes for my ferrets and took a quick look at their rat section. I couldn't believe it! About a dozen types of hamster, maybe sixty hamsters in total, but only two hooded rats in the entire store, and low down in a corner where they're overshadowed by hamsters and not very noticeable! I'm definitely going somewhere with more selection. For all I know, one of those rats (or both) doesn't have a very good would certainly be nice to look at the rats available and pick which ones I like best!
Rats will eat mostly anything, you should really just stick to a nice commercial rat diet for a good base, look for one with no artificial dyes and chemicals and such. They also enjoy fruits and veggies as a snack.. my old rat loved banana chips. Dried fruits are good too but be careful as they are high in sugar. There are many good commercial chews available as well, ones that will help file down the teeth.

I wouldn't put a rat in your pocket unless you are prepared for it to possibly freak out and take a nose dive into the floor. Again, it all depends on the rat, some like things others don't, but I wouldn't personally think of a pocket as a good place to keep a critter. Safe handling is very important for little critters.

Sixty hamsters in ONE store?! To have 10 hamsters combined of all the different types we carry at the store I worked at would be extreme! I hope they weren't being over crowded. Hamsters will be cannibals, same with mice and rats... overcrowding is never good for them. We usually only keep 2-3 same sexed hamsters TOPS per large 10-20 gallon tank..
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