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Thanks everyone!

Kathryn - Thanks for that adoption website! I'm definitely checking it out. I looked up animal shelters in my area, but Google is no help at all most of the time. The rats will have to wait until I have my own apartment, but I can at least start preparing in the meantime!

Marty11 - I keep trying to convince people they're cool, but I think they got a bad rep after the Black Death and people haven't quite changed their minds yet ^^; I'll have to see about rat-proofing things - they'll be able to get into a few places my ferrets haven't! Hopefully they'll be more co-operative as well about not moving the books I use to block holes out of the way...I'll definitely let you know what I end up getting! I promise I'll show you pictures when I do

Melinda - All of that's good to know, thanks!

I thought up a few more questions. The ferret food I have has added protein, and is made with chicken and egg - would this be good to supplement a rat's diet with? How would rats feel about being carried around in a pocket? When my ferret Draco was smaller I put him in my pockets, and he bit at first while I was putting him in because he was nervous.

On a side note, I went to the pet store today to look at leashes for my ferrets and took a quick look at their rat section. I couldn't believe it! About a dozen types of hamster, maybe sixty hamsters in total, but only two hooded rats in the entire store, and low down in a corner where they're overshadowed by hamsters and not very noticeable! I'm definitely going somewhere with more selection. For all I know, one of those rats (or both) doesn't have a very good would certainly be nice to look at the rats available and pick which ones I like best!
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