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What a week so far. Thank you about your honesty about the Cancer issue. I am so very Sorry that you had to go threw this, none should have to deal w/cancer espically w/the animals ! I am so glad you talk to me because some of the things I am seeing would freak me out if you werent telling me what you have went threw. I believe Matsi is putting on a good face for me, I can see she isnt feeling good, we are having more rough days than good ones. She wouldnt eat again for me , then she got sick ,it looked like blood was in it. But when she wants to eat she can pack it away. We are also having more blood than just pink snot coming out of her nose. She is still on Antibiotics for the ugly other snot, but it doesnt seem to be letting up. Matsi looks at me and all I can do is just tell her how much I do love her , I hold her hand rub her face ,and kiss her hand like she is a gentle lady and tell her I am here and it will be ok.
She feels like poop every morning ,I can see it her face is always a little swelled, she lays on my feet or right beside me all day til about 4 pm then she perks up a little then she is back down about 8 pm. I am always in the floor w/her kissing her face or just holding her hand and watch television together. I made her some Peanut butter treats the other day ( she wouldnt eat) she didnt want anything to do w/them til I had a bite. I have to say the only thing that was missing was a little salt, then she piged out. Right now she is in the kitchen floor laying there looking like she is dead. I just stop and look to see if she is breathing.I am so afraid that the Essiac isnt working because of how she is for most of the day. I had to go to the doctor the other day cause 1 of my feet are swelling , so when I was gone Chris was w/her , he said she will go to the bedroom and not come out til I come back in the door, or she will go outside to her spot and will not move til I come back. She is really hanging on to me harder now than before. I am doing all I can do to stay out of the hosiptal, cause I really dont think she will be able to take it. I did get ahold of alot of places for cremation so it is all ready for her. But I am not even ready for that. Chris he doesnt want to even hear about her bad days , he cries and cannot handle the conversation.
So here in a little while I am going to make her some more treats but these are going to have Spaghetti in them ( baby food). That is one of her favorite meals. I havent tried to use a icecube on her nose, it just seems to heavy. That is why I like to use the Koolaide freezer pops. Matsi looks so sweet w/it laying over her nose. I am just afraid that she might last as long as the vet had said, but in my heart she will last forever. I have never in my life loved someone or something as much as I do this girl. These bloody nose things in the morning are so red anymore, it is like pure , I just want the pink back, I also believe it is draining in her throat she kinda does only of these little kid moves(( The yuk face bluck thing) and then she swallow's it. Did you ever try one of those baby snot sucker things in your dogs nose. I have thought about it so I can pull the snot out of there , it looks like I am pulling on rope( miles and miles of it).

KoteBuro , I just want to say thank you for the prayers for my Matsi. She is truely my baby. I didnt mean to make anyone cry. I have never really ever took a look at our story. All I know is that I do love her so much and I will go threw anything just to keep her healthy and safe and to give her all the best of everything she wants and desirves. Just let me say thanks again

I Uv My Lab3 , Thank you for the prayers , they all do help my baby. And again I didnt mean to make anyone cry. We have been threw some stuff together,but I wouldnt have it any other way except the Cancer. Matsi is a Amazing Girl, the stuff she does just makes me so happy ,she also suprises me with the way she understands all I say. I talk to her just like a person, she listens better than my kids ever did. Matsi know's how to make me smile. I never knew having a dog would bring so much love. I always had cats , I wouldnt trade my Matsi love for a million dollars. I will give Matsi hugs for you and everyone else. Hugging her is one of my favorite things besides kissing her beside her eye.
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