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*L* that is so cute, I bet the cats want out!! ours are back begging at the patio door again this year, she has a "pot" belly so I know she'll vanish in a few days.

Goldfields, no they aren't endangered, but more and more squirrels are taking over their food source so they move on, we have 4 that hang around here, two that live under our garage with "back doors" near our well, two sides of the garage and under my lilacs, they live in a series of tunnels under ground , quite interesting when you read up about them. The two that live here are released rescues of mine so they aren't scared of Brina or us, hubs will be working under the car and they crawl up his chest and sit as if helping him work *L* when he's welding he has to yell at me to come get them out of the garage and stand guard so they stay out.
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