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Thanks for the suggestions.

As for socialization, I forgot to mention that he is extremely well socialized, and has only shown this behavior to maybe ten people he's met. I'm in a funny living situation right now, living in the country with my grandparents during the week (with two other huskies and four cats), and on weekends I stay at my uncle's in the city, where two young children live and two cats live, and many family friends/members visit daily (approximately, he meets a new person in the house there every weekend). I also take him to visit friends a lot, where there are often many new people visiting, sometimes even with dogs, and he gets along great with everyone and doesn't show any signs of shyness/fear after initially entering a new house. And when in the city, he gets about an hour's worth of walks around the beighbourhood daily, where he meets lots of people and dogs. Not very many people resist saying hello to him. -.-;
Basically, this problem only shows at home, or occasionally when a stranger of the description (tall, around 40, bearded, male) greets him and wants to pet him.
I really like the idea of getting a friend to lie down and play/give him treats. I think this might do him well, because he is usually only bothered by really tall, heavy-set men.
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