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Potty Training Problems

I have a female 7 month old Yorkshire Terrier named Casey. I live in Alberta, Canada (terrible winters!) and live in a 2nd floor apartment.

I have Casey puppy pad trained and she does great... when I am home. Even if I am not watching her she will go pee/poo on her pad. I don't like to have her locked up all day (about 8 hrs, 4 days a week) in her tiny crate so I let her stay in the living room area when I am not at home. She's not a trouble maker, however, she likes to pee everywhere when I am not home! It's not even BIG pees, it's like miniature pees. I don't know if she's marking her territory, or if she's just simply bored? She pees on her pad ALL THE TIME when I am home, but as soon as I leave the house she forgets where to go.

Also, when she does go pee on her pad when I am home, I give her lots of praise and love, and a treat. Even if I don't notice she peed on her pad right away, she comes to ME to get her treat because she knows she did a good thing. Is she going pee wherever she wants because she knows I'm not home to give her treats/love?

Another concern I have is she still eats her poo! I thought she would grow out of that bad habit by now. She does this even when I am home if I don't catch it right away - she'll have it as a snack. Is there a way I can get her to understand that eating her poo is a bad thing?

Anyone have advice?
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