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Originally Posted by hazelrunpack View Post
It sounds very good!

Just so I'm clear, you're saying to keep the heat way down so the milk doesn't scorch? Should it just be getting hot, or should it be a very light boil? (I'm not that great a cook....I burn things I need to know. )
It is not a question about burn or not or if is getting hot, because the grate secret of a good rice puding it's keeping the heat downly how much time you can take! That's why...

About cardomono, well any one else use sounds better, some use chocolote, piment, vanille (believe me I saw all this thinks!) but the better wich I know is use two egg yolks or dissolved butter in the end (a litlle before get cooled).

My grate secret of rice puding is always the yolks or the butter! =)
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