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no problem, when you get a chance you should look into a heat light instead of a heater because they need to bask under that light to help digest there food and if he can't do that it could cause some problems SPACE HEATERS WILL NOT WORK FOR THIS. you can have your lights all hooked up to a timer as well which i think you mentioned but i would really get rid of that space heater. I have mentioned your chameleon in the chat group i usually use and im hoping to hear soon but i find it VERY odd that your chameleon should have raw beef, maybe its just something ive never heard of, which is completly possible. There are a few different fruits and veggies you could try to feed your chameleon some will, some wont. i will look for that list and maybe you could try it out.
a dripper is always good to have even when misting a few times a day. They are easy to make as well, just get a bucket, drill a small hole into the bottom and put a tube/hose about eighth of an inch into it..they even carry them in the pet stores like petsmart..its just a good idea so when your not home they still have something to drink.
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