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HI PotRoast!
So happy that you posted!
I unfortunately have no new information then you have. We adopted "Johny" who you can see on Happy Tails on the PetFinder site under no not one of the Boxer pups. I received an email from Josee last night just saying she made it there and that she was going to see the dogs today. I hope they are back next week--we were approved for adoption in March--so it's been a long wait. He was a little puppy then--by the time he gets here he will be HUGE! (He's a Bernese/Lab mix and we have renamed him Crosby)
He has a bed, crate, toys and everything waiting for him sad to know he's still in that pound not knowing he has a wonderful home to come to. Please keep me posted if you hear anything else! I think Josee is tired of hearing from me as I email every couple of days to check the status of our little guy. I also called and spoke to her on the phone once--seemed VERY nice.
Perhaps we will meet when we pick up our new additions to the family?
Congratulations on your new pup! You seem just as excited as we are!
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