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Thor is sure a smart little boy....
Yesterday I left for a short shift at work(12-4) and I put the gates in place.
Our gates are free standing...but work great, but seems I didn't push it over enough on the one side, and it left a gap beside the shoe rack's lower shelf in the corner. I didn't even notice there was a gap...but Thor sure figured it out!
He climbed onto the shoe rack's lower shelf, squeazed thru the hole, and TADA he had free range of the house....
ALL the doors in the hallway were open(which we do so the cats can go where ever when Thor is penned up in the living room/kitchen area)....
So when I came home, I went to my room to plug in my ipod, and there was a pair of my shoes DISTROYED on my bedroom floor!(I keep all my shoes in my walk in closet...and when Thor is in there with us, the door to the closet is kept closed)...I mean they weren't even remotely salvagable....completely and fully distroyed...and one of my FAVORITE summer shoes....sigh.
I was like how the heck did he get down here!
Even the bf was stomped(we came in at the same time).
Then I noticed the gate not quite hitting the wall....I was like you got to be kidding me...just as Thor went to squeeze thru to come to our side of the gate....
But good news is...he didn't have ONE accident ANYWHERE in the he's learning there...but dang it....since when is a puppy smarter then it's owner?lol
But ya....seems Thor is smart....I just gotta learn to be
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