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Originally Posted by Kirsten145741 View Post
Hi everyone;
I am new to the forum so please bare with me...
I have recently been approved for adoption for a gorgeous pup from SOS. Our application was approved within 24 hours and we are told that we will be able to pick him up mid-April.
I have nothing but amazing things to say thus far in the SOS process. They provided me with tons of references (of which I called all that spoke English) and all had wonderful things to say. Including the vet in Brampton that deals with many of the pets that come from there.
Josee has been wonderful at promptly answering my 5000 emails a day asking questions about my pup. I will keep everyone posted on if/when we get the puppy.
I have some small concerns after reading these posts that we will have to wait forever for him to get here...but it seems that if the puppy actually gets here they are all in relatively good shape and eager for new homes.
I hope I will be able to post a successful pick up soon. It seemed Josee was going to see her parents and leaving before the end of the month. She said she would return with our puppy...I'll keep you posted.
Hi There,

I'm another newby to the forum and I was so happy to find this post as my husband and I have been approved for adoption of a puppy from SOS as of last week.

Because we too are very exited to get our new dog and anxious to hear any news on our puppy's arrival I thought I would share what little information I have as I'm sure you too are just as excited. Last we heard Josee was heading up to QC this past weekend to get the dogs organized and get them ready to be fixed in the next week. Last we had spoken to her she had said that the dogs would be ready for pick up by mid April...fingers crossed. We emailed her yesterday to get further information on the dog but have not heard back yet but I'm sure she's busy rounding the pups from their foster homes.

As it sounds like our dogs will be travelling to ON at the same time. If you hear anything further on arrival times we'd appreciate it if you would share. Just out of curiousity did you get one of the French bulldog/boxer pups? If so did you get any info on the parents?

I'll keep you posted if I hear anything else.
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