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Originally Posted by Myka View Post
Glad to hear Timber is still doing well SW! =]

What is she eating these days? Any supplements? Maybe you can help her coat out with diet.
Thanks Myka,

I think the coat problem is working itself out. It is coming in thicker now and is softer and shinier with way less dandruff .

I have always given them Orijen with the addition of fresh foods but I have recently switched to The Honest Kitchen. They have several formulas but I find it more cost effective to use their 'Preference' formula. It is a dehydrated veggie based pre-mix with added vitamins and minerals so all you have to do is add your own meat. I add a salmon oil capsule to that and whatever other add-ins like eggs or other fruits and veggies. Both my dogs seem to really be loving this stuff.

Stilll haven't picked up the Darford dog food sample but would like to see what it's like.

Oh, and I also add that shark cartilage supplement to Timbers food but I might switch to the Recovery SA. The Honest Kitchen also has a herbal joint supplement called Lithe Tea which I thought I might try as well.
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