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video update from Minami Soma

Just wanted to pass on a video link to the group that has been working there in Fukushima, about 25km (15 miles) from the nuclear plant, searching for abandoned animals in Minami Soma. This is the area in which people have been urged to stay indoors at all times.

(Maybe it is only moving if you know where Minami Soma is... to clarify, it is the very same town that appeared in this video that went viral a week ago.)

So, there are some very, VERY gutsy rescue efforts going on there.

It is an agricultural area and many farmers are said to have had no choice but to just abandon their cows. (At the end of the video (3:28) you see the Rescue Team approaching a cow standing in a rice field... sad.)

And this below is the group's main site, different from what I posted a couple of weeks ago, where you can see better (more frequently) updates on their activities.

Please don't forget us. This is not over by a long shot.
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