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True, it was just a thought. I didnt mean for every breed. Just those that are in question. But yes i know that it is not practical. Just wish people wouldnt believe everything they hear or see on tv,or the net. :P

I do not agree with the infingement. I had to have a "evaluation" done with myself and the two dogs we had in the apt. This ment s.p.c.a officer had to come into my apartment,examine it. Then examine the two dogs. As well as asking me a million questions. All this due to some inconsiderate/bias person who lied to the s.p.c.a to try to get me fined or have my dog removed.All because she thought it was a bad dog and afraid of it. This is infringement,there was no solid proof that I was doing any of the things the lady told them. But yet just cause someone called im forced to open my home and answer this officers questions....long story short the woman was charged with harassment and making a false statement.
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