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Thanks Goldenmom for your info I am dusting the crickets and gut loading them. I can't remember what the stuff is called (I am at work right now, not home). I am using the stuff that was given to me with the chameleon. He has a good reptile light, and the enclosure is right beside a window. I have a space heater with a timer and pre-set temps, so that is regulated on a 24 hour basis. I have a humidity gage and have been monitoring that as well. I don't have a drip cup, but my boyfriend and I work opposite shifts, so he gets misted a min of 3 times a day. He usually licks the water from the leaves in the morning and evening. We were told that he likes to eat raw beef hanging from a thread- but he hasn't really shown any interest in it with us. My usual vet does examine exotics, so I am thinking of bringing him in for a check-up. I'm not sure what kind of care he got from his former owner. He gave him up because he did not have enough time to look after him properly.

Thank you
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