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whinnie-boo November 26th, 2004 10:29 AM

Montreal - Toronto Urgent
Immaterial Girl has a beautiful Black 7 yr old Cat who is apperently on her way to be put down today.

My family lives in Brampton, Ontario & Immaterial Girl and Macey(the Cat) live somewhere in Quebec, I'm still waiting on details.

I'd be most appreciative of anyone who could help me save Macey. Check out the "adopt a cat in Montreal" thread for details

Thanks all!!

Iggette November 26th, 2004 10:39 AM

I thought her name was winnie :confused:

Going to other thread

Iggette November 26th, 2004 10:52 AM

let us know if the parents will hold winnie for transport to be arranged.............find out where they are and if they are willing to go any distance at all Lucky rescue I think is familair with the area and perhaps could help with transport leads..............just a thought

whinnie-boo November 26th, 2004 10:56 AM

sorry, thats right. the cats name is winnie. My name is Whinnie-Boo, cause those are my kids names, Macey waas another cat I was looking at today. This is all very confusing

Iggette November 27th, 2004 07:19 AM I said let me know if I can help, will do the best I can could possibly meet along the 401 around Oshawa, but lets wait and see what happens :thumbs up good luck please phone her and find out what we can do

whinnie-boo November 29th, 2004 03:35 PM


Do you mean from where Winnie is located to Oshawa? Cause if that is the case, I don't think it will be a problem to get to Oshawa. Though it is almost 3 1/2" hours from me, its a lot closer then where she is now.

Shannon83 November 29th, 2004 06:16 PM

We be willing to bring her to Oshawa this weekend, on saturday. please PM to talk more about this.

raingirl November 29th, 2004 09:50 PM

Brampton to Oshawa is an hour...not 3 1/2 hours. I grew up in Scarborough, and can get there in 40 min from Brampton, and Oshawa is another 20 min max on the 401. (And I drive at the speed limit! No speeding for me!)

Unless you are taking a bus/train..then it's a lot longer.

wish I could help, but I don't have access to a car!

sammiec November 30th, 2004 10:14 AM

Whinnie, I am kinda confused... you're getting another cat when you have a litter of puppies on the way... I have been a way for a bit, but the last time I saw a post from you - you're dogs were not spayed and the yonger one was now pregnant with puppies??? If this issue has been dealt with, please forgive me, but I am concerned that you're brigning more animals into your home were you are expecting another possible 8 puppies... :confused:

LavenderRott November 30th, 2004 10:33 AM

Not to mention the dog who made inquiries about just this morning!


Lucky Rescue November 30th, 2004 11:03 AM

Personally, we would never EVER give a cat, especially this shy and skittish cat, to someone who is backyard breeding dogs - especially irresponsibly bred pit bulls in Ontario. Period. :eek:

If someone can't prevent their dogs from getting pregnant they certainly shouldn't have any other pets.

whinnie-boo November 30th, 2004 11:11 AM

Boo-Boo's Pups'

Boo-Boo has had an ultrasound, and though the vet did tell me she was in fact pregnant, when the ultrasound was completed, we determined that she is not pregnant, she just had a uterus infection that was causing her nipples to swell. Which is what prompted me to believe she was pregnant in the first place. She is on anti-biotics, and since I won't be having anymore babies from mine, I have plenty of room for new additions. I do love animals, more then most people. But, I will only be responsible for what I can give 100% too. Obviously, if Boo was pregnant, I wouldn't have any time, extra money or room, but that is not the case. I'd like to get a cat for my girlfriend, which is who I was planning on placing Winnie with. 1 animal named Whinnie is enough for 1 household. Our 18 or 19yr old cat "Scrapper" passed in his sleep a few months ago, and "Salem" our other cat is having a very hard time with it. I'm afraid he is getting to lonely, and we don't want to lose him too. Also, it will help her, since our St. Bernard is getting up there in age, and we just found out she has fluid around her heart & lungs and her days are numbered. I'm on this site to help unwanted animals, whether they come to live with me, or I find them loving homes. I have a list of animals I know people are looking for. Just last week, we spent all our time looking for a English Bull Terrier for my boss, which he picked up from a rescue in Michigan on Saturday. I find that everyone on this site, is concerned, but very quick to judge. They all post about unwanteds, lets rip strips off their backs for a change. If people don't want to place their animals with me, or a home I find, thats their choice. I just feel that no matter what I'm offering, someone has some judgement to pass against me. All this because I thought my PITBULL was pregnant. I'd also like to point out there were serious circumstances surrounding Boo's false pregnany, that I'm obviously not going to post on a public site for a bunch of strangers to read. Instead of trying to help me find homes for those pups, everyone was screaming, kill them, abort them. Well, things aren't always that easy or affordable!! :sorry:

whinnie-boo November 30th, 2004 11:25 AM

Well, so full of judgement, but not reading details, Nala, I inquired about for my brother, not myself. Thats first. Second, I found a good home for Winnie, the cat, That was not with myself, but apparently everyone missed that. You're all so much better? I really am not a cat person, I just tried to do my part for a cat that was treatened to be put down THAT day. Whether she lived with me, or my girlfriend, she would've lived. What is more important to everyone on this site. That she lives, or whether she's living with 2 Pit-bulls??
Bets of luck to you all, rather then spending time trying to help those so far out of my reach, I'll help those locally. And sorry if I'm being rude, But a lot of those on this site, need to stop being so judgemental, and jumping the gun without important details, like how did I not know MY dog was pregnant???? Very good reason, I am married, and My husband is home with them all day. If it matters, this recent development made me kick him out of the house, simply because I thought he had broken my trust with my child. I jumped the gun on him, and now look where I am now. To top it all off, I've got everyone telling me what a horrible person I am, based on a few sentences I type a day.

sammiec November 30th, 2004 11:27 AM

Well, I am pleased to hear that you're Boo is alright and that she's not pregnant.
I am surprised to see that you're post was directed entirely to me... when you come on a public forum discussing your animals people have the right to respond their opinion, wether you agree with it or not, sorry, that's the way it is... I have not said that you were a bad pet owner. I bet you do love those dogs..BUT being responsible includes spaying and neuturing your animals. Sorry if you don't agree, but I'm sure that many people working with animals and in vet offices would agree, and they are the experts...

People that "care 100%" about their animals keep them safe and healthy by spaying and neuturing; there are health implications to not having this procedure done! By not spaying your dogs you're furthering the heartache by bringing more unwanted animals into the world, your creating more pain and suffering for those animals waiting in shelters to get homes.

You should be aware that buy a pet as a gift is as dangerous as "free to a good home". Some people are not as receptive as others, and would probably be more then happy to be the one to select the animal that they will be obligated to care for. Just a thought.

whinnie-boo November 30th, 2004 11:28 AM

I so did not mean to direct it entireley at you, please forgive me. But, My brother has been involved in picking his own dog. And its not like I'm throwing this at him, this is what he has asked for. :sorry: :sorry: :sorry:

sammiec November 30th, 2004 11:29 AM

[QUOTE=whinnie-boo]..... Whether she lived with me, or [B]my girlfriend[/B], she would've lived..... Very good reason, I am married, and [B]My husband [/B] is home with them all day. [/QUOTE]

I am confused...can you sort this out for me?? :confused:

whinnie-boo November 30th, 2004 11:40 AM

My brother has wanted a Pit-bull since I can remember, I've also made him spend the last year proving that he had what it takes, but helping out with my 2 and learning what he needs to know. Now, as for Whinnie & Boots, Whinnie is fixed, she is Boo's Mother. Boo-Boo is not fixed, because 2 years from now I was intending on Breeding her (properly). Then recently, the BSL started and it is almost mandatory to have them spade. At the time, there was nothing wrong with wanting to be a breeder, which we did. Plan to buy a farm, get a kennel licence. Now, it is no one business the details of how Boo would've gotten pregnant, but at that time an abortion was just not possible, and since I had no idea how or when she bred, I had no idea how long. There was also a mis-diagnoses on her Pregnancy, luckily I took her for an ultrasound to get to those details. Just the same as a few months ago, when my brother saw "Skye" on the net, and I e-mailed you a few times for her, but was too late. I've passed up numerous dogs, simply because we were not compatable for one reason or another. But, if I have an opportunity to help another animal, why not? But the attitude of everyone on this site will not stop me from helping animals, it will just stop me from helping these animals. Best of luck. :confused:

whinnie-boo November 30th, 2004 11:49 AM

to clear up the confusion
My husband and I split, he would've been the one who got Boo pregnant, which we now know she wasn't. We split because I was afraid that he had Boo out too soon, and was obviously not being responsible for her, or she wouldn't have gotten pregnant. Whinnie & Boo are my life and they rely on me to keep them safe. He was not, so I had to decide, him or them. Obviously, I chose them!! They need me to make their decisions, and he should have been responsible for my babies when he had them out and I was working. He broke the trust I gave him, and the girls trust if something like that had happened. To make matters worse, he damn near cleaned out our bank account, which is why an abotion was just not possible. Now that I've aired my dirty laundry, does everyone feel better??????????

Now, By "Girlfriend" I mean "Friend" who is a "Girl". Who is actually a registered Vet technician. Up until I married, my "girlfriend & I" lived together with all our Kids. Scrapper, Salem, Amber & my Whinnie. Then we went seperate ways. I took Whinnie & she took her 3. Since then, Scrapper has passed, Amber is Sick and Salem is getting worse. I have Whinnie & now Boo.
I fear that my girlfriend will be childless within the next few months. I don't want to see that happen, because it will kill her.

Lucky Rescue November 30th, 2004 12:45 PM

Sincere apologies for not knowing this cat was for someone else! I dont' read every post in every thread, so if you said that elsewhere I missed it. :sorry:
I will try and be more thorough in the future.

As for the situation of having intact pit bulls who are allowed out, or are getting out - this is highly irresponsible no matter how you look at it.

Even if your bitch were titled and health tested and a perfect example of her breed (is she?) breeding pit bulls in Ontario is a very bad idea, since the shelters are packed with beautiful and sweet dogs, many of whom will die.

whinnie-boo November 30th, 2004 01:49 PM

sorry again
Lucky Rescue,

I'm sorry for going off the handle, I'm just so frustrated at poeple who get on and make a point of throwing fuel in the fire, and not contributing any new or useful information to the thread (not directed at you).
I do not deny that it was irresponsible of MY EX to let her out and about in the day, that she may have gotten pregnant, but I also resolved that problem by Kicking him out, and seeking medical advice for Boo. Simply because I chose my kids, they did not choose me, I have to be the best Mommy I can by keeping them safe, even if its costs me my marriage. But, everyone must understand I work all day, and I believed they were safe with him. They are never unattended, ever. We do not have a yard they can safely play in unattended, so we go everywhere with them. That was the hardest part of this, since he denied that she could've gotten pregnant. Now, that I know she's not pregnant, I've kicked out my husband over lack of trust, how do you think I feel?
Regardless of how I feel, my kids are safe & happy & due for Spaying A.S.A.P
And again, I am sorry, but now that all the details of what I'm doing on this site have been cleared up, there's a few people in particular (again, not directed @ you) who do owe, not only me, but others a serious apology. Because I challange almost anyone to show that they love and care and spoil their pets as do I. I can also refer you all to at least 10 rescues in my area, that speak to me nearly daily in my search for wanted pets. Like I mentioned earlier, I understand this is a forum for posting opinions, but most opinions do not have a leg to stand on. The more people we all upset, the less people are going to visit this site, leaving no one to suffer, but all these fur babies I thought we were all here to help.

sammiec November 30th, 2004 02:02 PM

Thanks for helping clear this up a little. I did not mean that you should air your personal troubles on line, I am truly sorry that you felt that was necessary! :sorry:

I am glad to hear that Boo will be spayed. That's the best thing for her, and less stress for you!

I hope you are sucessful in your hunt for a cat for your friend and a dog for your brother.

whinnie-boo November 30th, 2004 02:23 PM

The reason I aired my dirty Laundry like that is simple.
It was getting to the point that I was beginning to come accross as an irresponsible backyard PITBULL breeder, who is on here basically collecting animals for God only knows what. :eek:

I mean when peole just post another thread from me to add fuel to the fire, I felt I had to defend myself.

Then based on that, I'm reading poeple write "I would NEVER EVER give you an animal of any sort" that hurts :sad: . We're all here to help animals. Like I said before, I have a list of animals I'm searching for.

A Lab Puppy - for a customer
A small breed dog - for my friends son
A Pit-bull - for my brother
A cat or 2 - for my best friend
Everyday that list grows when my phone rings looking for some other specific animal. Just last weekend, we sent my boss down to Michigan to meet a Bull Terrier we'd been serching for, for his family. He went down Saturday morning, and Saturday afternoon, came home with his new 5yr old female Bull Terrier.
This is why I'm here everyday, and why no matter what anyone writes about me, I will defend myself & my kids. :thumbs up

chico2 November 30th, 2004 04:18 PM

Whinnie-boo,I read all the posts and your previous ones....sometimes going in to details is important,so there are no missunderstandings...
It sounds to me like you love your dogs and do the best you can,for your dogs and others.
Wanting to help poor Winnie and to save her life,shows you have a big heart..I wish too we could save her from being killed,but I think it's too late :sad: We have heard nothing more from Immaterialgirl(I think)she was probably the only one that cared about the poor cat,but she said she was 2.000 miles away :evil:
I would do anything in the world for my 3 cats and other animals,I truly LOVE them,but to many others it's just a cat or just a dog of no importance,ending their lives does not bother them... :evil: and there are sooo many unfortunate dogs/cats out there who only want to be loved and many will die because of people who do not care :sad:
I am glad you decided to spay your pittie,with what is going on right now,breeding more is probably not a good idea......

whinnie-boo December 1st, 2004 12:27 PM

Thank-you for your kind words Chico. They are very much appreciated for a change. ;) :p

Iggette December 4th, 2004 09:23 AM

winnie boo .......IMHO......anyone who helps try to place an animal in a forever home is an :angel: keep up the good work. Glad to hear your pit is getting fixed.

:sorry: to hear about your marriage tho. I wish you bright skies and sunny days for your future, chins up things will be brighter......wish you all the best

I wish I had read this post before the others it would have helped me understand your situation better :sorry: if I seemed pushy about you calling her parents....we are all just trying to help and some of us get a little too excited I think.......animals........they really can get the adrenaline going when in distress can't they?

whinnie-boo December 8th, 2004 12:24 PM

Its been a long 2 weeks, regarding Winnie. There is no longer a need for transportation. Rainy has Winnie and as of right now it appears that Winnie is coming around, and Rainy has opened her Heart & her home to this beautiful girl. Winnie had been through so much, and Rainy has a forever home for her, which will save her from being moved around again. I wanted to take the time to thank everyone who posted suggestions and offers to help save Winnie. Because of you, Winnie is saved.

They were very much appreciated, and due to the outpoor of help for Winnie, it pushed everyone else to act quickly, which ultimatley saved Winnie, and gave Rainy her new addition.

I'm certain Winnie thanks us all too, I'm sure she know's how it feels to be wanted now. In time she'll express that to Rainy, and Rainy will have something else to share about her. In the last week I've grown so attached to an animal I never met. It is a felling unlike any other. Lets keep up the same great work, and save as many unloved animals as we can. This is the reason I am addicted to this website. :grouphug: :thumbs up :party:

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