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Dilys December 14th, 2002 04:51 PM

Cat fur loss
My cat is losing his fur around his neck, ears, stomach and legs. A scraping was done and showed mites and fungus. He had about 6 medicinal dips, Ivermectin shots, has used for a month fungus shampoo, and a anti-fungal medicine. He looked like he was getting better but now it's worse than ever. He isn't scratching anymore and is otherwise a happy cat. But, I'm stumped and the vet seems to be stumped too. Any suggestions?

petdr December 21st, 2002 04:53 PM

Seems like quite a nasty skin disease going on and now that he hasn't responded to conventional treatment, you will have to prepare for some more advanced diagnostics or prepare yourself to be referred to a skin specialists. Steps to be taken now by either your veterinarian or a dermatologist will need to involve another skin scrape and consider a fungal and bacterial culture of the skin, running a blood profile and a viral panel to check for any underlying disease or immun deficiencies, a skin biopsy. This is likely the only way that you may get to the bottom of all this and know whether or how long the problem is going to need to be treated. A behavioural stress related skin disease may also need to be considered. Speak to your vet about these options, or ask him about referring your cat.

Good luck

Martin Slome DVM

Centre Street Animal Hospital
7700 Bathurst Street Units, 40-42
L4J 7Y3
(905) 771-9855

dandj427 May 27th, 2007 11:38 AM

my cat is losing hair too
Hi my cat is losing hair on his upper hind leg by his tail.. he scratches constantly making himself lose alot of hair. his nose is whitish this related? he is 8 yrs old i dont know if that helps....

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