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Ezynite June 4th, 2014 02:21 AM

HELP 911! Toilet Training
Hello and thank you for your help. So the back story, 2 cats, 1 is a small calico not to smart for example she need to have a shower under the tub tap to drink, she try's the water bowl and just knocks it over. Other cat is a large what I call the black tiger look, she's super smart understands most words, opens doors, just smart. So I've gotten the Citykitty system and after first cpl bumps everything went as it should be. 4 weeks after useing it non stop, I figure let's make the smallest ring out. Smaller cat didn't miss a beat, actually peed into the tiny hole. Smart cat you'd think no problems, Nope 5mins after I put it in she goes in washroom turns around comes to me mowing in anger and pee's directly in front of me on the bed. I left it as is hoping she would get on board. NOPE peed on bed on me under the covers. Ok I hear you grrrr, back to full mode. And life is ok again she will use it no hole. So back to no hole, 3more weeks try again. This time I cut a filler for the hole to make it even smaller other dumb cat again no problem. Smart cat learned peeing on bed or carpet = timeout so she stopped that and goes on the floor bye the tolite now what do I do? I think the dumb cat could knock this out in 2 weeks but big smart cat won't use it with any sort of hole. Please someone help me. I need them tolite trained no room for litter box in my tiny condo!

marko June 4th, 2014 08:17 AM

I'm not too familiar with this system [url][/url] but maybe others will have suggestions.

I can tell you from experience talking to others that teaching a cat to use a human toilet doesn't always work because it's not a natural thing for cats.
Yes, some cats can be trained to use it and I hope your cat will learn to use it - but some cats never do... I hope others have advice to share.
Good luck!

sugarcatmom June 4th, 2014 09:01 PM

Instead of trying to force your cat to do something she clearly doesn't want to do, what about finding a creative solution for a litter box in your tiny apartment?: [url][/url] Or is there a closet or cupboard that they can use?

Here are a couple links by renowned cat behaviour experts explaining why toilet training cats is generally considered a bad idea:
[LIST][*]an article from Pam Johnson-Bennett: [url][/url]
[*]a video by Jackson Galaxy: [url][/url][/LIST]

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