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JuneD February 9th, 2014 07:31 AM

wet runny mucus leaking from my cat's bum
Hello. It's Sunday and I can't get my cat to my vet until tomorrow, so I'm hoping that someone on the forum may be able to help me in the meantime, until I can bring my sweet cat to the vet.

My 9 year old neutered male cat, Bindo, has a lot of yellowy/light brown mucus secreting from his rectum, and his fur in that area is all matted and wet, as well. The area looks somewhat swollen, but not reddened, and I can't see any obvious abscesses or sores there.

The leaking has become somewhat of a regular symptom, to the point where if he sits on my lap, I always have a towel at the ready so he can sit on the towel instead of directly on my clothing. Since yesterday, the discharge has become somewhat constant, so I have brought him a few times into the bathroom and literally wiped his bum - very very gently - with toilet paper (unscented, and slightly dampened with warm water).

When he needs to use the litter box, he has absolutely no problem jumping down from where he likes to sleep (on top of a clothes wardrobe in one of the bedrooms), and then jumping back up to that same piece of furniture.

For the most part, he uses the litter box as he normally would and always has done, but when it comes to urinating, lately he's been getting 'lazy' and will go anywhere to do that.

He appears to be constipated - I have monitored him while he's in the litter box for the past three days, and lately, he will go in as normal, dig a little area and then squat, as normal, but he will stay there for what seems an unusually long period of time. When he finally leaves the litter box, there is seemingly nothing or very little that he then begins to cover up and over.

Although he is, admittedly, not his usual, normal happy-go-lucky and extremely affectionate and friendly self, and he is sleeping more and going off by himself rather than sitting with or near us, he does have an appetite and does drink from his water bowl. He is not irritable, and he does let me and my other two cats near him. He allows me to hold him or have him on my lap, and he purrs affectionately.

However, the last couple of times he's eaten anything, however much or little, he howls once or twice in the space of about 30 seconds, then stops, and then goes off by himself to sleep, or will jump up onto my lap and start to purr and knead. Even though he howls once or twice, there is no other indication that he is in any severe pain. His eyes are clear. His nose is wet. He is alert when I call his name and responds affectionately when I pet him or stroke his fur.

He has always loved taking extended naps, but lately, he's napping seemingly longer than usual. He is not listless or lethargic, and does have energy and is alert when we call him or when he hears food being put into his bowl.

I realise, of course, that he's not feeling well, and that something is wrong, and I will definitely be bringing him to the vet tomorrow morning.

If anyone on the forum has dealt with any or all of these symptoms in their cat, I'd very much welcome and appreciate any advice. I will, of course, take Bindo to our vet tomorrow, but in the meantime, I thought it might help to ask the forum members' help.

Thanks in advance.

Lynne&Co. February 9th, 2014 02:07 PM

Definitely a vet visit so good luck tomorrow.
I would consider fasting after his dinner tonight just in case he should need surgery. Let him have access to plenty of water though. Crossing my fingers for you:fingerscr

JuneD February 9th, 2014 02:59 PM

Thanks very much, Lynne, for replying back. I appreciate you taking the time to read through what I realised after I posted it, was a very long post, so thank you to everyone who read my post, but forgive me if I went on and on (and on and on).

I've already begun Bindo's fast about an hour ago, much to his annoyance, and yes, he (and my two other cats) have plenty of water for the overnight.

When he woke up from his nap earlier this evening, he wasn't as 'wet' as he was when I first posted this morning, but just looking at him again a few minutes ago, the area is back to being 'wet' (forgive me for being a bit too descriptive in my first post). I've looked at his eyes again, and they are bright. He is alert, and he is affectionate and purring and allowing me to pet him and allowing his two 'brothers' to nap alongside him.

I'm praying that our vet will tell me that it's only an upset tummy, or, at worst, constipation. I'm praying that he won't need surgery. I'm praying that he'll be alright. I know I'm not a vet, but even with his back end being the way it is, his appetite is okay, and he's not irritable or listless....I just don't know what to think...and I'm trying so very hard not to think the worst.

Thanks again for replying, and for your hope and good wishes for my little Bindo.

Lynne&Co. February 9th, 2014 06:33 PM

Hey no problem June! Again, good luck tomorrow and here's hoping it's nothing but a tummy upset:thumbs up

Digston February 9th, 2014 08:17 PM

Odd question, how does it smell? Is it vile smelling? If it is you might be looking at an anal gland issue. My cat needs to be on a vet diet otherwise he starts oozing anal gland juice and it's quite gross

JuneD February 10th, 2014 06:18 AM

Hi Digston - Thanks very much for replying. I appreciate you taking the time to read through such a long post.

I put a call into my vet's office, and the receptionist said he's out on an emergency call right now, but will ring me as soon as he can.

Yes, Bindo's 'back end' does smell pretty awful. I hesitated to go into that in my introductory post, as it was already very detailed and was heading into the territory of 'off-putting reading', so I held back on the smell part. Poor Bindo's been trying his utmost at cleaning himself (in that area) constantly (which also worries me - by doing that, which I realise is instinctual - could he be making himself worse by ingesting what's coming out the other end of him?).

But even after his cleaning/licking himself, and me (very, very, very gently) wiping the area as clean as I can, the offending discharge has returned. Not immediately after cleaning/licking or wiping him, but it does start oozing out again, and yes, still smelling very badly.

Is the diet that your cat has been put on helped him? Has the discharge stopped completely?

Thanks again for replying. Now it's just a matter of playing the waiting game, until the vet gets back to me.


JuneD February 10th, 2014 06:24 AM

Hi Lynne - Thanks very much for your continued concern and hope for Bindo. I'm waiting for our vet to get back to me, as he's on an emergency call-out.

How's your beautiful (and yes, very handsome!) Billy boy doing today? I'm hoping the bleeding has stopped and he's on his way to full recovery.

More photos of him, please - he really is a gorgeous boy. :)


Lynne&Co. February 10th, 2014 08:31 AM

Hi about some pics of Bindo? :)

Digston February 10th, 2014 02:44 PM

Yup, stinky bum is gone so long as I don't change his food. My vet isn't entirely sure why the food change worked, I'm just glad it did. We put him onto Medi Cal Hypoallergenic HP.

I couldn't say whether a food change could help you, but it's another option :)

If it is discharge from the anal gland it isn't harmful to ingest. Your vet will be able to access what is going on back there and help you figure out the best way to tackle the issue. Good luck!

JuneD February 11th, 2014 07:39 AM

Well, we've just come back from the vet's office. One of the vets there examined Bindo, and said she detected and could definitely feel some swelling in his belly, and suggested that, because Bindo's been constipiated for the past few days, it could very possibly and simply be a build up of solid waste that he hasn't been able to get rid of.

She gave me a stool softener/lubricant, as well as a tablet for worms, and cleaned his back end as best she could.

I asked her if it could be the anal glands/anal sacs building up and discharging, but when she looked and examine them more specifically, she said they (the glands/sacs) didn't look overly full...which could mean, too, that they've already discharged and are on their way to being 'normal' again.

Aine (the vet) advised that, because their office here in town isn't an animal hospital and they don't have the proper equipment for things like x-rays, if Bindo gets worse, or if there is no improvement in two or three days, for me to ring her back and she will set up an appointment at the nearest animal hospital (I know it, and it has a good reputation of highly qualified and caring vets and veterinary surgeons there). and that they will be able to do x-rays on site, with almost immediate results.

Aine said she honestly can't tell if it's a growth or any kind or, God forbid, a tumourous mass, simply by feeling his belly area, which is why she advised x-rays in a couple of days if Bindo doesn't improve and is still constipated. She could feel a swelling, but it could be anything - from common constipation to...something more serious that I don't want to think about.

This is so difficult. This...waiting. I would take him to the animal hospital today, but he's been through enough for one day at our vet's office with all the poking and prodding (gentle as it was) and Bindo's always been easily freaked out by anything different in his routine (which this definitely was). I just want him to get calmer and relaxed and let him sleep in familiar and loving surroundings for the next day or so. And hopefully...God...I hope this will be the case, that we will see improvement in the next few hours or by tomorrow, as far as him being able to use the litter box.

It's breaking my heart not being able to do more for him...except wait to see what happens...When our beloved pets are feeling poorly, they can't tell us - except in body language and behaviour - what's wrong. It's a guessing game, which is so stressful and anxiety-inducing and worrying. I'm praying to God that it's only a bad case of common constipation, and nothing more serious than that.

Save a prayer for my beloved Bindo...that he'll be okay.

Lynne&Co. February 11th, 2014 08:36 AM

I know it's hard to do but try to stay positive. Hopefully all clears up with the meds. Bindo still eating/drinking and enjoying being cuddled is def a good sign:thumbs up

JuneD February 11th, 2014 09:26 AM

Thanks, Lynne. I'm trying so hard to be positive and hopeful. I just went into the kitchen to make a sliced turkey sandwich, and, just as always, right on time, Bindo leaped down from the wardrobe in a flash when he heard sounds emanating from the kitchen, and came to investigate in the hope of me giving him a little bit of it (as I always do - especially when he looks at me with those huge green eyes of his).

He ate a bit of the turkey, but then, to my surprise, walked away after a few bites, leaving some of the turkey on the counter. I guess that's because he probably still has an awful taste in his mouth from the lubricant that the vet gave him (orally) earlier today, and he couldn't really enjoy the turkey as he normally would and always does.

He's gone back up to the wardrobe - easily jumping back up there as if nothing was wrong, and nothing was/is bothering him or hurting him. It's such a mystery to me how, while definitely being constipated, he can behave so - well, almost - normally, and in such good humour. He does/has been sleeping more than usual, but other than that, and the litter box problems, looking at him and being with him, you really wouldn't know that he was feeling poorly. Even my other two cats are up there on the wardrobe with him, happily napping beside him. I'd have thought that, if he were really sick, their instinct would be to stay far away from him. Not the case at all with my boys.

Thanks for helping me to keep my spirits and my hopes up, Lynne. I really appreciate your support and your encouragement.

Lynne&Co. February 11th, 2014 09:47 AM

Hey no problem June! Glad to hear Bindo had a little turkey snack:). My cat Tigger always comes running too when he hears the rustle of lunch meat bags being opened. Your other cats will sense Bindo is not well so if they normally get along they'll probably want to be with him now too. My cat bullies the dogs so hasn't been very nice to Billy lately but other dog Jazz hasn't left his side. :shrug:

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