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Mindroo February 3rd, 2014 04:54 AM

My puppy has diarrhea
Hi, I have 12weeks old bull terrier.
We have been feeding her puppy chow for about a month and she was fine.
Then she started her diarrhea last week all of sudden.
There was little bit of blood at the end too.
We went to vet and fecal test and ringworm test were negative.
We didn't check parvovirus bc she was still very playfully, no vomit, and eats well.
We got probiotic medicine so I stared giving her pumpkin purée with probiotic for 3days and her stool was little hard but still loose for first day.
Second day I gave her pumpkin purée with some new puppy food- simply nourish grain free. Her stool got really loose again and showing blood at the end again.

So I stopped giving her puppy food and her stool seems better but not hard as it used to be.

I didn't think the puppy food caused her diarrhea bc she was fine before.
But then when she eats puppy food stool does get worse...
I think it might be the foreign object but not really sure.
And it seems like probiotic doesn't work.

I really need some help and advice..

momoftwofuzzies February 3rd, 2014 09:31 AM

It could be the food; could you change to a different brand? I believe puppies need the puppy versions though, because they are growing so fast. It also sounds like it could be colitis, which both my dogs have had and it is pretty scary. Both were tested and everything was fine. It just seems to have to run its course. It could be due to stress or changes in the dog's life (did you just adopt him recently? He could be a little stressed due to the change in environment, etc.). A good site to visit to check on the quality of your dog's food is

If you think your dog ate something, maybe he needs an x-ray?

Dog Dancer February 3rd, 2014 01:45 PM

Congrats on the new puppy, and welcome to the board. Puppy chow is garbage in my opinion, and you can certainly do a whole lot better. I haven't heard of the other food, so won't comment on that specifically. Some foods are whole life diets, others are age based for puppies, but grain free is a good start, avoid anything with corn.

Pumpkin is a great stool firmer, but please don't use it to mask a medical problem. If you truly believe it's a problem of sort hiding the problem with pumpkin could make it harder to diagnose.

Any change in food could cause diarrhea, as can the stress of a new home, or even just a change in schedule for a puppy. Make sure your pup has lots of water so he doesn't dehydrate. To see a true adjustment to a new food could take a few weeks, so jumping back and forth to different types several times in a month is not really helpful.

Go to a true pet food store, not one that sells all the junk foods (like Purina - rule of thumb if you can buy it at the grocery store, it's probably junk) and try to find someone who really knows their dog foods. Sorry I didn't notice where you are from, but here there is Acana, Orijen and several other good name products. Get one suitable for your pet and stick with it for a while unless you have DIRE bad results with it. A good quality food is so important for your pup. I feed mine two year old Alaskan Malamute pups raw now, and hope I never have to go back to bagged.

MaxaLisa February 4th, 2014 03:49 AM

The blood is a concern.

There is a bad condition that involves bloody diarrhea, abbreviated HGE, that can strike hard and fast and can be severe. In many cases there is a correlation to clostridium perfringens, but it's not a definitive correlation. My girl had C. perfringens and it didn't show up on a fecal, though it did how up on the $200 test - it was producing toxins. This may not be what's wrong with your pup, but just a possibility.

I would feed a bland homecooked diet for awhile. I would alo want a probiotic that contains sacchromyces boulardii, which I protective for clostridia. For my 20 pound girl, I use this: [url][/url] , together with the mercola probiotics, and apple pectin (which helps good bacteria grow and deters bad bacteria). Some l-glutamine might help repair the digestive tract, but if there are bad bugs in there, it doesn't affect those.

You may need antibiotic therapy if it doesn't continue. You may need a second opinion with a different vet.

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