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Trish May 11th, 2001 12:04 PM

I have a 7 year old Keeshond. He has canine seborrhea, which I am trying to control with medicated shampoos.
My question is there any other relief I can give him between baths. Anyone knowing the long coat of a Keeshond can understand my reluctance to bath him every day. It seems the longest he can go is 5 to 6 days... between baths.
I have heard of dry oatmeal baths ? Is there such a thing. For now, the summer makes things okay, but I dread our northern winters...I can not see bathing him 5 times a month in the winter...and not seeing him get sick.
Any ideas?
Plus, I have also heard that I might be able to use Selsam Blue...human shampoo? The medicated shampoo I use costs well over $40 a bottle...700ml. bottle.... If I could alternate between the two, it would help considerably in the finances, as I am recently unemployed.
Any suggestions much appreciated.

petdr May 23rd, 2001 07:54 AM

Canine Seborrhea - Answered by Dr. Slome
[b]Canine seborrhea - Answered by Dr.Slome[/b]

Canine seborrhea is not a simple disease by any means. Skin diseases often become chronic diseases which don't go away and often extremely frustrating to treat and control.

To give you an analogy - people may get allergic reactions like bronchitis and asthma which is rarely seen in dogs. In dogs most allergies whether food, environmental, inhalation etc. will always target the skin first. Seborrhea is a complex disease and in most cases can only be managed, however there may be cases where we can test for the underlying cause and treat the cause directly. However be prepared for blood testing, allergy testing and skin biopsies, food trials etc. Other than this there is
not much more you can do than you are doing at present.

Sometimes Selsun or other people shampoo can be used for different types of seborrhea. But which shampoo can only be determined by the examining Veterinarian.

Sorry for not being able to give you more info but good luck.
Maybe you will be lucky and if it is a seasonal problem then it may only appear at certain times of the year.

Martin Slome DVM

Centre Street Animal Hospital
7700 Bathurst Street Units 40-42
L4J 7Y3
(905) 771-9855

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