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newfie-mix December 5th, 2013 10:05 AM

Leash Excited/Aggresive

So I have a 4 yr old female Newfie-mix.
When we walk she is fine with smaller dogs, cyclists, runners, etc
She is mildly triggered by squirrels but I can handle that.
And she is good with bigger dogs that she knows (although she still often wants to pull to them to play)
But with new bigger dogs (usually medium and up) she is definitely leash aggressive.
And let's say 5 out of 10 times she will start a fight, and the other times it's an excited lunge to play.
But it's hard to tell the difference, and to know how the other dog is going to react.
[B]What can I do to work on that?[/B]

A few things I've been told:
1) Distract them with treats the moment you reach a distance where they are triggered.
2) Use a C02 little gun thingy to distract them in the same way.
3) Also to start from further, and move in slowly until next to the dog.

Any comments, suggestions, ideas would be most welcome!


Longblades December 5th, 2013 10:23 AM

What training classes have you done? I'd suggest a class where you can learn how to get her to focus on you in a controlled situation.

When my boy was younger and thrilled to bits to see another dog I found Leslie McDevitt's book, "Control Unleashed" to be a big help. She calls her techniques games. Premack principle is not new but her presentation is fresh. Even better would be to find a trainer who understands it.

ETA: If your girl is truly aggressive you need professional help. If you are not sure if she is or you can't tell you need professional help.

marko December 5th, 2013 10:31 AM

50% is a risky ratio. I wouldn't work on it at all without doing research as other dogs are at risk half the time. I like LB's advice and reading list - and seeing a trainer.

but until this is solved, imo makes most sense to avoid medium large dogs altogether and play with the smaller pooches. :2cents:

small pooches are fab :dog:

Barkingdog December 5th, 2013 10:51 AM

I think giving your dog a treat could be confusing to her, she might think she is getting a reward for 'good' behavior. When I think my dog might react to another dog I will walk in the opposite direction so my dog can't made eyes contact with the dog. If I do not have time to do this I will tell my dog to 'leave it' before he can react , but I have to say 'leave it' before Marty start barking out of excitement or he'll get so into mode and it will take longer for him to listen. Marty is getting better about not barking and pulling every time he see a dog. I taught Marty to 'leave it' right away he know what that mean . I think in your case you would want to start getting training right away as your dog is so big and could pull you down .

Loki Love December 5th, 2013 07:05 PM

Look up BAT training - I think this would be most appropriate in your situation :)

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