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doxielover05 December 4th, 2013 06:54 PM

Crying Eye.
I noticed last night that my dachsund's eye was watering and gunky.
Now tonight, I notice that it's watering and the corner and white part of his eye is red. He's also been squinting with one eye.
He got neutured 2 weeks ago and the day that I brought him home his eye was also gunky (same eye) and watery but it cleared up the next day. Should I be worried? Does anyone think it could be in correlation to what happened after he was fixed?

Any advice would be appreciated. I don't get paid until Friday so I'm trying to hold off a vet visit if I can.

hazelrunpack December 4th, 2013 11:07 PM

Hi, doxielover05. Welcome to the board! :D

One thing to try is rinsing the eye with Sterile Saline. It's cheap and widely available at department stores, pharmacies, even grocery stores. It will help wash out any irritants that may be causing the problem and sometimes that's all that's needed. As long as there's no pus it's probably safe to wait a couple days till Friday to have it vet-checked, but don't wait too much longer than that if the problem continues.

It's not too unusual to notice gunky eyes after a surgical procedure and that usually clears up after a day, so what you saw two weeks ago was probably normal and not related to what's happening now.

Oh, and once things settle down for you, we'd love to see some pics of your dachsund! :o

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