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mybubbles65 November 20th, 2013 06:05 PM

Leaking After Neuter?
My eight month old kitten was neutered today. When I brought him home and took him out of his carrier, I noticed his back end was a little wet and smelly. He seems to be leaking something but I have no idea what or where it's coming from. Any thoughts?

Barkingdog November 20th, 2013 07:46 PM

You should call your vet , the vet should had given you instruction on how to care for kitten when you got him home.

mybubbles65 November 20th, 2013 08:20 PM

Of course they gave me instructions. Just wondering why he was wet. Perhaps he peed on himself a little in his crate.

Reg November 20th, 2013 09:45 PM

That's a very good possibility that he peed, as long as there is no sign of blood.

We had our cat out on Monday for dental surgery and your question got my curiosity. I checked Shadow's cage tonight and he had had a small bowel movement in the back of it that I didn't see. It was caught up in the towel.

Longblades November 21st, 2013 07:32 AM

He is probably swollen and a bit sore and it wouldn't be unusual for him to try as long as he can to not pee till he just can't hold on any longer. He may have still been a bit under the influence of his anaesthetic and peed in his sleep. However this should have been explained to you with your discharge notes.

I agree you should call your Vet and enquire. For one thing, you sure don't want infection to set in because urine got into his suture areas. Your Vet may give you tips on how to gently clean the area.

Barkingdog November 21st, 2013 09:29 AM

[QUOTE=mybubbles65;1063053]Of course they gave me instructions. Just wondering why he was wet. Perhaps he peed on himself a little in his crate.[/QUOTE]

It's like sound like that vet did not give you enough instructions. I find that I have to ask questions as the vet does not always give enough instructions or tell me what the side effects are of the meds I have give my pet.

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