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rottysrule October 26th, 2013 03:49 PM

calm games to play
Ok Tuesday the girls are off to the vet to get fixed.. and well i know at least the rest of the week they probably wont be as hyper. but was hoping you guys could help with some ideas on calm games or things for the pups to do so that they don't totally drive my mother crazy.
also an idea on how long i have to keep them quiet would be nice so i can prepare my mom on how long the dogs are house bound.. hoping that after a week i can at least take them for a leash walk short or not so that some of the hyperness wont be there and they will listen.. They will be kennel a lot the first week so they don't get to bad.
Also ideas on coning the dogs after getting spayed would be nice.. only had one dog n she wasn't ever coned or kennel but then again she was recovering from being hit by a car (only pulled her tendon)
But ya any idea on calm games to play would be nice

ownedbycats October 26th, 2013 03:58 PM

Stuffed and frozen kongs/bones? Keep them busy chewing, so they don't want to move?

Longblades October 27th, 2013 07:13 AM

Attention games can be static. Just asking for eye contact before giving a treat. You can both sit and all you move is your arm and hand.

rottysrule October 30th, 2013 09:59 PM

girls home from vet this morning and lets just say Nyx is still sore and tired. Karma got her engery back but not as hyper as usual. But i have learned never leave them over night anywhere and they probably wont be happy to go for the long drive to the vets anymore.. close to 2 hours in the car, not so bad right well they had to both share the front seat of the car. Guess they missed me and had to be right next to me..
Karma was funny getting out of the vet brought her out to the car and she hoped in and got into the driver seat when i went back in to get Nyx and got her in the backseat guess Karma didn't see her get in. As i had to drag Karma out of the car so i could put her in the backseat so i could get in and well she sunk as low as she good and kind of like got ready to fight to stay with me until i showed her Nyx was in the car. Potty break not even 10mins after leaving the vets office had to move my niece's kitten i took to get fixed to. into the back seat so one of the dogs got front to lay down.. well that turned out to be both of them and when i got to a rest stop I laid the front seat down so that they had a bit more room, Tomorrow hoping i can pick them up some soup bones.

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